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Aggressive Behaviour Scale

AM-PAC www.crecare.com

Berg Balance Scale (BBS)

CAM Confusion Assessment Method www.elderlife.med.yale.edu/pdf

Ces-D Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale

CHESS Scale: Changes in Health, End-stage disease, and Signs and Symptoms

Cohen-Mansfield Agitation Inventory (CMAI)

Depression Rating Scale (DRS)

DSM-I Assessment Long Term and Managed Care Program

Elderly Life Satisfaction Index A and B

EPESE Battery Established Populations for the Epidemiologic Studies of the Elderly Battery

FIM Functional Independence Measure

Frailty Assessment Frailty Assessment

Functional Status Questionnaire

Gait Speed

Geriatric Depression Scale www.stanford.edu/~yesavage/GDS.english.long.html

Goldberg Anxiety Scale

Hearing Screen

Katz ADL Index of independence of activities in daily living

interRai interRAI Assessment Instruments: www.interrai.org

interRAI Post Acute Care

interRAI for Mental Health

interRAI Acute Care

interRAI Home Care

interRAI Community Health Assessment

IRF-PAI Rehab Assessment

Lawton's Morale Scale www.abramsoncenter.org/PRI/documents/PGC_morale_scale.pdf

Major ICD-10 Depression Inventory

MDS Long Term Care MDS Min Data Set CMS http://www.cms.gov Skilled Care Data Set

Medicare Health Outcomes Survey (HOS) www.cms.hhs.gov/HOS

Mood Disorder Questionnaire (MDQ) http://www.toolsforthefight.com/tfp_index.jsp

Nursing Home Behavior Problem Scale

OASIS Home Health OASIS-B1 (12/2002) www.cms.hhs.gov/oasis

Pain Subscale

PRIME-MD PHQ for evaluation of mental disorders www.depression-primarycare.org/clinicians/toolkits/materials/forms/phq9

Rockwood Assessment

SAAM Semi-Annual Assessment of Members - used for managed long term care - adapted from OASIS

SCL-90 www.pearsonassessments.com/tests/scl90r.htm

SF-36 self-reported health status www.sf-36.org

Six Minute Walk Test (6MWT)

Timed Up And Go

Timed Walk Tests

Tinetti Balance Assessment Tool Journal of American Geriatric Soc., anodynetherapy.com/PDF%20Files/Tinetti.pdf

Tinettis Performance Oriented Mobility Assessment (POMA)

VA GEC VA Geriatrics and Extended Care: screening dataset for long term care placements (home care, nursing home, assisted living, etc.)

VisualAcuity Visual Acuity

VulnerableEldersSurvey Vulnerable Elders Survey (VES-13) www.rand.org/health/projects/acove/docs/acove_ves13.pdf

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Anonymous said

at 9:13 am on Jan 25, 2007

Although many of the assessments being evaluated have cognitive/decision making ability within their tools, I am unsure if there is any assessment tool specifically identified for this. There are several tools such as the Folstein mini-mental status and the MSQ tools.

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